Digital Carnival Points System in Singapore

Looking to create a digital carnival points system in Singapore for your carnival, roadshow or exhibition in Singapore at an affordable rate? Squaretic Solutions offer our digital carnival points system starting from just $300 nett onwards! Below is a 3 steps process:

Digital Carnival Points System in Singapore


Assigned each participant in the carnival with a QR code on a card or email. The QR codes will allow you to identify the participants’ information as well as their points & activities. Each unique QR code is generated on the spot.


Every game or activity station will have a tablet that is connected to our system. Your manpower can use our tablet in-built camera to scan the QR code. Manpower can choose to add or remove points from the participant.


Redeem food/drink at the live food stations, or carnival prizes at the redemption counter with the points you earned! Manpower will then deduct the points from the participant, or simply collect the QR code from the participant.

Digital Carnival Points System

At the heart of the Digital Carnival experience is our innovative points system, designed to reward and engage attendees throughout the event. By participating in various activities and interactions, attendees can earn points that can be redeemed for exciting rewards at your event. Our seamless digital platform allows attendees to track their points in real-time, providing transparency and motivation to fully engage with the carnival.

Seamless Integration

Our digital points system seamlessly integrates with your event needs, allowing attendees to effortlessly earn and track their points.

Reward Catalog

Attendees can explore a diverse catalog of rewards, ranging from exclusive merchandise to special experiences, all carefully curated to enhance their carnival journey.

Gamified Experience

The points system transforms attendee participation into a gamified experience, fostering friendly competition and a sense of achievement.

Event Registration:

Key features of our points system include:

Inclusive of:

  1. Unique QR Code Generator
  2. Sticker printing machine
  3. Admin login page creation
  4. Activity stations login page creation
  5. The backend data will be email to you after the event.

Optional Add-on:

  • Customised check-in counter booth
  • Display scanner (to check points)
  • Registration crew (manpower)
  • Guest will enter the lucky draw system automatically (optional add-on)

With the Digital Carnival Points System, we ensure that every interaction at the event is meaningful and rewarding, leaving attendees with memorable experiences and a strong sense of connection to the overall event.

Let the Digital Carnival Points System elevate your event experience to new heights!

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