Queue Management System in Singapore

Looking for a Queue Management System in Singapore for your carnival, roadshow or exhibition in Singapore at an affordable rate? Squaretic Solutions offer our QR code queue management system starting from just $300 nett onwards! Below is a 3 steps process:


Choose from a variety of methods to obtain a queue ticket (pre-screening / on-site issuance / online / by SMS or WhatsApp, etc) but focus on the process instead of the technology.


Monitor queue number online or with our overview / zonal queue screens, individual booth queue screens and online queue status pages are available. Get notifications on-site / online / via SMS when it’s your turn.


Whether it’s an inventory system, a CRM system, or an interview management system, we can value-add to your queue management by ensuring you get the right information displayed or attached to each customer with a queue number.

Queue Management System

Implementing a queue management system offers numerous advantages for your event or business. Here are some compelling reasons to consider hiring a queue management system:

Enhanced Customer Experience

A well-organized queuing system can significantly improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and providing clear information about queue status.

Operation Efficiency

By streamlining the queuing process, you can optimize staff allocation and resource utilization, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Real-time Monitoring

Queue management systems allow for real-time monitoring of queue status, enabling proactive adjustments to meet customer demands efficiently.

Real-time Monitoring

Utilize queue data to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, facilitating informed decision-making and service enhancements.

Customization Options

Tailor the queue management system to your specific event or business needs, ensuring a personalized and effective queuing process for your customers.

Engaging Customer Interaction

Modern queue management systems can incorporate gamification and interactive elements, transforming the queuing experience into an engaging and positive interaction for customers.

Queue Management:

Key features of our points system include:

Inclusive of:

  1. Queue Booth Counter Creation
  2. Queue Ticket Printing
  3. Customised Queue Counter Online Page
  4. QueueCounter login page creation
  5. The backend data will be email to you after the event.

Optional Add-on:

  • Customised queue counter booth
  • Tablet Devices and TVs rental
  • Event crew (manpower)
  • Queue poles, table and chairs rental
  • Custom app intergration

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